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Bachelor’s or master’s thesis in economics: Bitcoin

The topic of the Bachelor’s (or Master’s) thesis, which is very timely, is certainly Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency that has made a revolution in the perception of money. Many experts say that Bitcoin is the same revolution in finance that email was for communication. Some experts estimate that the value of Bitcoin will be $ 1 million.

Other experts (eg those from the financial giant Allianz) say that its price will be zero. Regardless of what its future value will be, Bitcoin will certainly turn into the history of economics. The topic of the thesis on economics that treats Bitcoin may be: “factors that determine the future value of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies”.

Bachelor’s or (master’s) thesis in the first chapter should contain theoretical foundations. Theoretical concepts related to such concepts as cryptocurrency and money should be clearly defined here. In this chapter you must also describe the history of Bitcoin. It is also necessary to define the features that determine Bitcoin’s advantage over other financial means and instruments. In this chapter, it is worth writing that cryptocurrencies are the response of the free market to a highly flawed and corrupt banking system.

Rotating cryptocurrencies has a number of advantages over money trading in the traditional banking system. The advantage of cryptocurrencies is their rapid operation, cheap transaction costs and greater anonymity. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a counterbalance to money issued by the state, which is still spoiled (by printing out empty money, so-called inflation). In other words, by means of inflation, the state robs its entire society of savings.

You can even write that Bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies, oppose the so-called inflation tax. In this chapter you can also write about the similarity between gold and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is certainly an alternative to traditional paper money.

In the second chapter you have to indicate what factors determine the value of Bitcoin. You can cite even numbers that indicate the number of Bitcoin users. It is possible to calculate the correlation between the number of transactions, the number of users and the Bitcoin value. Most likely, the correlation between the number of users and the Bitcoin value will be strongly positive. Another factor that certainly affects also fashion, which prevails among investors.

The third chapter should contain a summary in which it is clearly stated what determines and what is not the value of this cryptocurrency. It is also tempting to predict the future of Bticoin. This is not only about its nominal value, but also about its future applications on many different levels (especially business).

Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis subject of economics, which is really fascinating: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are certainly a fascinating topic for a bachelor or master thesis in economics. It is a subject that is on time. Maybe in the future there will be a whole bunch of businesses that will be based on technologies related to cryptocurrencies.

This is generally a very innovative subject. On the other hand, history is said to remember mainly the first ones. The well-known Polish billionaire, Jan Kulczyk, claimed that in business it is very important to be a pioneer. Perhaps the pioneering topic of bachelor or master thesis is a good way to achieve scientific (and perhaps business) success.